November 1st, 2014 Morro Bay Monarch Mixer

The flight of the Monarchs has almost arrived at select Central Coast destinations! 
For their overwintering habitat, Monarch butterflies seek out a combination of conditions that include mild temperatures, plenty of sunlight, and shelter from the wind. Fortunately for us in coastal California, our large stands of eucalyptus, Monterey Pines, and Monterey Cypress provide just that. Pismo Beach is a well-known visitation site for the mighty Monarch but it's not the only one: The groves of eucalyptus, pines and cypress at Morro Bay Golf Course have historically been a Monarch stronghold from the 1960's to nearly 2000, dwindling only in the past 15 years with the death of many Monterey Pines from pitch canker. 
Local Monarch populations have risen recently, but numbers could definitely be bolstered with some new protective plantings. Stepping up to the challenge is the Morro Bay Volunteer Tree Committee, which is dedicated to revitalizing Morro Bay's urban forest through community advisement and volunteer-fueled tree planting events. 
To celebrate the City of Morro Bay's 50th anniversary and fortify its Monarch habitat, the Tree Committee has teamed up with the Morro Bay Golf Course, the Morro Bay 50th Committee, local Boy and Girl Scouts, 4H, the Audubon Society, Morro Bay In Bloom, Morro Bay Beautiful, the Morro Bay Historical Society, Morro Bay Golf Course members and anyone else who would like to get involved to plant 50 Monterey Cypress trees in select course locations. The event will start at 1:00 PM on November 1st at the Morro Bay Golf Course clubhouse. Because the golf course will be in operation, volunteers will be escorted for safety as a group to the planting sites, so please arrive at the clubhouse no later than 1:30. The planting will last until 4:00. Immediately afterward, the Monarch Mixer will commence at the clubhouse with music and food to celebrate the community effort.
All are welcome! For tree planting at Monarch Grove arrive at Morro Bay Golf Course Clubhouse by 1:00 pm. Monarch Mixer at Golf Course Clubhouse: 4 - 6 PM. For more information call Noah Smukler (805) 772-7668.

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