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Fellow Plant Lover Jeff Krasner Will Be Missed


As head gardener of the children’s wing of LA’s Huntington Botanical Garden, Jeff Karsner’s enthusiasm for plants was equal to his enthusiasm for helping children learn. His work with the Huntington meant he helped tend one of the most impressive collections of cacti and other succulents in the world. Jeff was a member of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry where he created characters made out of living succulents. One in particular, “Sen the Centennial Senecio,” he constructed solely from 9 different varieties of senecio. His goal with his own business was to promote landscapes that thrived with low-water conditions. Jeff will be remembered for so many things, but his beloved Children’s Garden at the Huntington Library will be a constant reminder of his passion and love for nature.

Dirt’s For The Birds


...And even they will find it hard to swallow! 

I’m a stickler about using the word “soil” when others may feel content to say “dirt.” Simply put: Dirt gets on your clothes and coats your car. Soil feeds your plants through a complex system of living and dying organic matter. Soil is practically worth its weight in gold. In fact, I call one of the major components of good soil, compost, “black gold.” A new-to-me garden blogger, Greg Seaman, wrote a piece for his blog recently that will help explain the importance of this essential garden nutrient. Read it here.

Remember: Soil is what you use to build your garden, and dirt is what you track through your house when your garden is done.

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