Sedges Have Edges (and Rushes are Round)

The beautiful climate of the California Central Coast gives us an abundance of outdoor activities that include trail hikes, beach-combing, and bird-watching at the estuary. When you’ve been out and about, have you ever wondered about the surrounding greenery, waving in the coastal wind? Some kind of grass you think–well think again! Let’s revisit this rhyme that may be familiar to some…

Sedges have edges, rushes are round, grasses are hollow, what have you found? 
Not being ones to shy away from the feel of things, we recommend the “touch test” to satisfy your curiosity. Gently roll the stem between your thumb and forefinger; if the stem and leaves are flat, you indeed have a grass. If you find edges making a very noticeable triangular shape, you’ve found yourself a sedge. And you guessed it; if the stem is round you’ve found a clump of rushes.
Next time you’re out for a bike ride or walk, don’t be afraid to bend down next to a clump of green and ask it to tell you its tale.