Plant of the Month: California Poppy

You’ve seen them sprouting for about a month now–waxy yellows, creamy oranges, and maybe some rusty reds. Our California state flower, the California Poppy, Eschscholzia californica, begins its season in the cool spring months when rains are plentiful and the days are beginning to think about getting warmer. While we love the ubiquitous melon-colored poppy, this month we’re featuring the lesser-known cultivar ‘Mahogany Red.’

While Eschscholzia californica is a U.S. native, its certain of it cultivated varieties originate elsewhere. ‘Mahogany Red’ found its way to being across the pond, in England.We find the ‘Mahogany’ to be a refreshing spin on traditional stock, and enjoy working it into gardens here or there. The ‘Mahogany’ often reseeds itself, though sometimes performs as an annual, and is just as drought-tolerant as its orange and yellow brethren.

WonderMondo has set up a website devoted to wildflower chasers. Our state flower is prominently displayed on this page–check it out!