2011 Plant Puzzler!

Think You’re A Plant Expert? 

…Would you like to find out?? Then accept our challenge to Name that Plant! Take a tour of Mediterranean flora in our weekly competition where we will post a picture and description of a plant, and do your best to figure it out. For every correct Plant Puzzler answer we receive, we’re donating $1.00 to the SLO Botanical Garden. The top two people who guess the most correct plants at the end of the contest will win a bare-root tree!

How It Works:

Check our blog every Monday from November 21st until December 19th to see the new Mystery Plant. Follow the “Guess” link to our entry form and provide your name, email, and your best guess in the comment box. (Please write “Plant Puzzler” in the box marked “Phone.”)

Names and emails are used for contest purposes only, and you will not be signed up for any mailing list.

Guess To Win: 

Provide your name and email address where required, and in the comment box, write the genus, species, and (where applicable) the cultivar name of the current week’s Mystery Plant. Write “Plant Puzzler” in the box marked “Phone” and include the date of the post with your entry. One guess per person, please!


Each Monday, a new Plant Puzzler will be published–and get consecutively harder. Each previous week’s correct answer will be posted with the current week’s Mystery Plant. Don’t forget to enter every week to win! Grand totals will be announced on December 21st.

Plant nerds, start your planters!