2011 PLANT PUZZLER #3 December 5th

Great Guesswork, San Luis Obispo County! 

Our Mystery Plant for the week of November 28th was none other than the humble bunch grass Sesleria Autumnalis. We had some very diverse guesses this week. So many plants resemble one another, it can be a real challenge to nail the individual species down. We’re really impressed with the range of the plants that everyone named! 

The WINNERS: Daniel, Kaveh, Greg, and Mary! Again, we had some other very close guesses, and we’ll honor those participants with a donation to the SLO Botanical Garden.



Up Next: The MYSTERY PLANT for DECEMBER 5th, 2011

  • I originated on the west coast of the US
  • I am a medium sized shrub that can reach around 8′ tall
  • I am never without my powdery blue-green leaves!
  • My warm-toned, poppy-like flowers bloom in the spring time
  • I prefer my soil nice and dry, and I love basking in the sunlight, preferably on a shrubby slope.

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Enter your guess here! Include your name and email where required, and in the comment box, write the genus, species, and (where applicable) the cultivar name of the current week’s Mystery Plant. Write “Plant Puzzler” in the box marked “Phone” and include the date of the post with your entry. One guess per person, please!


For every correct Plant Puzzler answer we receive, we’ll donate $1.00 to the SLO Botanical Garden. The top two people who guess the most correct plants at the end of the contest will win a bare-root tree! Check back next Monday, December 12th for the Correct answer, and the next Puzzler!