2011 Plant Puzzler #4 December 12th

CONGRATULATIONS to our many winners this week! Dendromecon rigida var. harfordii was our Mystery Plant, and these plant-o-files were all spot on: Heather, Alice, Bracey, Mike, Chrystal, Kaveh, Madeline, Becki, Daniel, Mary, and Greg 


For every correct Plant Puzzler answer we receive, we’ll donate $1.00 to the SLO Botanical Garden. The top two people who guess the most correct plants at the end of the contest will win a bare-root tree! Check back next Monday, December 19th for the Correct answer to our Mystery Plant for December 12th’s Plant Puzzler.



And now, introducing our next Mystery Plant: 

  • I originated on steep Mexican cliff sides
  • My brethren grow practically vertically
  • My arching, curving, serpentine leaves are succulent in texture and variegated in color
  • My many leaves are dried and pounded into a fibrous brush whose bristles contain their own soap (I’ve always been good at multi-tasking)
  • Note: The cultivar we’re looking for in this puzzler adds a twist to the regular species, boasting creamy yellow bands that run the length of the leaves.


Enter your guess here! Include your name and email where required, and in the comment box, write the genus, species, and (where applicable) the cultivar name of the current week’s Mystery Plant. Write “Plant Puzzler” in the box marked “Phone” and include the date of the post with your entry. One guess per person, please!

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