Week 6: Mystery Plant December 26th, 2011

Happy Holidays, Plant Puzzlers! Are you enjoying figgy pudding and playing games with family? Our last Puzzler begins today–but first, a recap of last week’s Mystery Plant. Verbena Lilacena was the plant in question. Our hint alluded to its “lilac-colored blooms” in the hopes that wordplay would jog your plant cells. Our big winners for the week? Madeline and Kaveh! Congrats!

Join us in donating to the SLO Botanical Garden with our very last Plant Puzzler. This week’s contender:

  • My dark evergreen foliage is arranged in grassy green clumps
  • Emerging only in the fall and winter, my flowers are chunky and egg-shaped
  • Each bloom has a radiant yellow base that blends to a brilliant reddish-orange cone of tubular flowers
  • My leaves are arching and keeled

Our last Puzzler will be revealed on Monday, January First. Enjoy your New Year Celebrations, plot your guesses, share your tips and tricks, and visit our site to make your guesses!