2011 Plant Puzzler #1 November 21st

2011 Plant Puzzler #1 November 21st

Gardens by Gabriel Plant Puzzler 1

  • I originated in the archipelago of the westcoast of the US
  • I exhibit my sweet, rosy flowers in the later summer months
  • My candelabra-shaped flower stalks are reminiscent of California native Verbena (even though we're not related)
  • Butterflies love me (what can I say!)
  • My seeds are a favorite of grouses, finches, larks, and sparrows


Enter your guess here! Include your name and email where required, and in the comment box, write the genus, species, and (where applicable) the cultivar name of the current week’s Mystery Plant. Write “Plant Puzzler” in the box marked “Phone” and include the date of the post with your entry. One guess per person, please! (Visit our Facebook page on Wednesday the 23rd for a hint!) Green Question Mark


For every correct Plant Puzzler answer we receive, we’re donating $1.00 to the SLO Botanical Garden. The top two people who guess the most correct plants at the end of the contest will win a bare-root tree! Check back next Monday, November 28th for the Correct answer, and the next Puzzler!